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The Quiet Garden at Lopcombe

Petite Retreats

Life is difficult.

We can find ourselves spending all our energy on problem solving, caring for others, earning a living…

Time for ourselves goes out the window, and time for ourselves with God seems impossible. Short arrow prayers are all that we are capable of ‘Oh God, help…’

Taking time to pause, to reflect, to nurture our physical and spiritual wellbeing is imperative to a healthy lifestyle, but how do we manage to fit it in?

Petite Retreats help you to set aside a few hours to be guided in Spiritual Reflections, to be fed physically, and to have something to take home to continue the ‘discipline’ of retreating with God.

Designed to fit in with the school run, or after work, or at weekends, and on a variety of different themes. Some embrace quiet more than others. There is something to suit everyone.

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All include guided reflections, reflective prayer cards, lunch and other refreshments, optional one-one time with the retreat leader, and a take home gift.

Additionally I can be booked to lead a bespoke Petite Retreat for your church or organisation.

I just wanted to say Thank you for the perfect day. God’s presence and the fellowship was wonderful. What a master stroke to do it at Ann’s and get Kate as a caterer. Your guidance was perfectly balanced too. Xxx

Cradled Online Retreat

Online Retreats

Life has moved online in so many different ways since the outset of the pandemic. To ‘zoom’ no longer means to move quickly, but to connect with others for work or worship or even workout.

Petite Retreats also work well online, especially if you are having to self isolate.

Although it may be harder creating a sacred space at home rather than attending one that someone else has created, it is your own private space that becomes more prayerful the more that it is used.

Online retreats are delivered over Zoom with three guided reflections and space in between. One-one conversations can be arranged with the retreat leader during these spaces, but a retreat package delivered to your home in advance of the retreat also give you envelopes containing meditative prayer cards to open for each session. You won’t miss out on a take-home gift either, as these are included in your retreat package.

Coming up:

Retreat Packages delivered to your home contain a copy of the programme, envelopes to open for each session with reflective prayer cards, service sheet and readings for closing compline service, and a take home gift to remind you of your encounter with God.

A wonderful evening yesterday in Petite retreat … feeling refreshed and restored. So many thanks!

Thank you Vanessa for a lovely time this evening – thoughtful and powerful.

Sarum College, Salisbury

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a cross between counselling and prayerful listening. All clergy and ministers are strongly encouraged to have their own Spiritual Director they meet with regularly.

A Spiritual Director is someone who will listen to you, holding the space between heaven and earth, reflecting back where God may be in any given situation.

It has been a lifeline to me throughout my ministry, and now I am training to be able to offer that support to others.

Spiritual Direction, though, is not limited to clergy, but is a helpful and supportive discipline for all who seek to walk closer to God.

Spiritual Direction can be hard to define; it is a confidential space, a holy space, a non-judgemental space. It is the presence of a prayerful companion.

Spiritual Direction can be conducted, like most things, via zoom, but if you would prefer to meet in person that can also be arranged.

The Spiritual Direction Course at Sarum College continues to be a gift for my own spirituality, and I hope to be able to bless others too.

‘I’m really grateful to Vanessa for the spiritual companionship she’s given me so far. Through her personal experience she understands the demands of ordained ministry and how lonely it can be. I’ve really valued her open ears, honesty and wisdom especially with regards vocation.

Not all those who wander are lost.


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Hello, I’m Vanessa, an ordained priest in the Church of England. For the past eleven years I have served as ‘The Walloping Vicar’ but now I find myself a priest without portfolio and wondering where God is leading me.

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